Sunday, 7 August 2016

Our first guests

This past weekend was an exciting one as we had our first guests arrive at our Portugal Algarve Beach Apartment.

View from the balcony of our beach apartment

The location at the main Praia da Rocha beach and just a few minutes from Portimao makes this apartment the ideal holiday destination.

We trust that our first guests will have a great stay in Verandas da Rocha and they they will be back again soon.

Book now to take advantage of the end of summer!

Thursday, 4 August 2016

The Algarve and especially Praia da Rocha is amazing

Having just spent the last few days at our apartment in Praia da Rocha, we have decided that it is most certainly situated in one of the most beautiful places on earth!

A panoramic EARLY morning view of the beach in front of the apartment. Is this not just amazing??

The sun rises early throughout summer and sets late in the day, thereby giving you the most time possible to enjoy the weather, beaches, surroundings and friendly people.
Co-owner Mark and his wife Lisa at the beach directly opposite the apartment.

Restaurant prices in Praia da Rocha and the whole Algarve are actually quite reasonable when compared to some other places in Europe and breakfast at a great little place just down the road from Verandas da Rocha cost us less than 10 Euro a day for both of us!

The cappuccino Lisa had with breakfast! Does this not just set the holiday mood :-)
Whilst there we did some re-decorating to get the apartment ready for our guests arriving tomorrow. Here is the newly decorated lounge.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Meeting up with friends

Portugal is a great place to eat, drink and be merry. And at prices that are not expensive.

I enjoyed meeting up with Louis and Jorge, both of whom own apartments in Praia da Rocha, and was introduced to Aubrey who now handles checking in of our guests at the apartment and also handles the cleaning and change of linen on their departure.

Local cuisine is excellent, and Sangria has become our national drink. All very nice.

Manuel introduced me to the delicious cinnamon sprinkled bake at the nearby fishing village Alvor's Saturday morning market.

Sangria is our national drink

Co-owner of the Apartment, Dave, saying cheers with a glass of Sangria

Dinner out with friends on the streets of Praia da Rocha, outside the Apartment

Apartment owners Louis and Jorge

A delicious meal out - our Apartment front of house manager Aubrey is right with his wife Jen

Apartment co-owner Dave left with friend Louis in Lisbon