Saturday, 15 April 2017

April at the Apartment

It's April 2017 and apartment co-owner Dave is enjoying an owner's renovation week in Praia da Rocha. Renovations include a glass shower door, moving the fridge and microwave to improve kitchen counter space and build in a broom cupboard.

The weather this month of the year is absolutely stunning - temperatures by day of about 25 c and nicely cooler by night. T-shirt and beach weather with a long sleeve top by night.. although all the restaurants are cosy and warm so you could live in casual short-sleeves.

Photo from the beakwater showing our apartment block in the centre.

The apartment is the one on the first floor with the lights on

The bedroom

View of the beach and sea from the balcony

Dave crammed in the car packed with new doors and hardware for the renovations

View from the lookout point of the beach, cliff and apartments - ours is the second from the left

2 cocktails for Euro 7 happy hour

Dave drilling in the cupboards for the new electrical point needed in the kitchen

Cheers to good friends and another jug of Sangria

Dinner out with friends

View from the Apartment 

Sangria here is the best

Lamb chops and vegetables for Euro 10,50

A new shower door has now been installed

A morning walk or run along the promenade is spectacular

Dave in the tunnel through the Rock Praia da Rocha is named after - right outside the Apartment

Hole in the Rock

Stunning views on a run along the promenade

View of the beachfront and apartments from the harbour side by night

The fort on the harbour side of Praia da Rocha on an evening afer-dinner walk